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Why People Downloading YouTube Videos in MP4 Format

MP4 is widely compatible and supported by many devices, such as web browsers and media players, and this feature makes it popular among users. Pepper likes to download YouTube videos in MP4 format because they’re vast in quality and versatile. It supports many types of video and audio files to download; also, it provides the ability to stream and other things like that.

Another main thing that makes it user-friendly is it’s lightweight. Due to this quality, people use it more than other downloading services. The other reason for using YouTube MP4 is that offline videos and audio are available. It’s also a cheap way to watch videos because the cost arises when your data is charged too much for live streaming. This process is accessible by using MP4 because you can watch streaming videos offline and also share these videos with other devices and with your friends and family members.

How to Convert Youtube to mp4 Videos

The process of converting YouTube to MP4 videos is given below:

  • If you have the YouTube app on your mobile phone, open it, and if you don’t, visit the website.
  • Now, search the videos you want to download, and when it opens, click it to copy and press long to copy the link.
  • The link is copied; go to the website from which you will download the video, paste the link in the search bar, open it, and click the download button.
  • A phase will open with different formats; click on the format you want to download videos, like Mp3 or Mp4.
  • After a few minutes, downloading will complete.

You can use any downloader of your choice that is trustworthy. 

Key Features

  • Simple & Fast: The YouTube to MP4 converter is straightforward and faster. Its operating process is user-friendly and comfortable. Anyone can easily use it and can download videos of their desire. Downloading with this is very easy just by following simple steps.
  • Highest Quality: The other feature of this converter is that it provides you the facility to download any videos with the highest quality from 1080p, 2k, 4k,  to 8k.
  • Supports all devices: This app is supported by all iOS and Android devices. So, there are no restrictions on selecting devices to use this app. It can be used with any device to download videos.
  • Safe & Secure: Yt to Mp4 is safe and secure to use. There is no risk of Virus and data leakage. If you download any file with it, there will be no changes in quality and content.
  • Free Tools: It’s not limited to features. This can download any type of video, music, and movie. There are no restrictions on contents.

FAQs Yt to Mp4

Q. How do I download MP4 from YouTube? is a website that allows you to download videos from YouTube for free and convert YouTube videos to MP4 with the highest quality without installing software.

Q. How to download YouTube videos to MP4 on iPhone for free?

For iPhone, you need to use Safari browser on iOS 13 or get Documents by Readdle app and go to SSYouTube → 

Paste the Youtube video link → Download. 

Q. How do you download YouTube videos to MP4 on Android?

Copy the link to the Youtube video → Go to → Paste the copied Youtube link in the search box → Download.

Q. Where are downloaded YouTube videos saved?

Please check the “Downloads” folder on your phone or your browser’s “download history” section.